About the RCH Group

RCH Group (RCH), a division of Zilber Ltd., is an environmental and real estate consulting firm that was founded in 2004 and provides services throughout California.

RCH has an environmental practice that builds upon the extensive experience of our staff to prepare high‐quality CEQA and NEPA documents in a timely and cost‐effective manner. We prepare technical analyses for air quality criteria pollutants, air quality health risk assessments, greenhouse gas emissions (climate change), and noise.

RCH has a planning and land use development practice that specializes in the entitlement and development of land use projects. We assist with projects in the land entitlement process by serving as an Owner’s Representative/Project Manager during site selection, design and construction phases. RCH also specializes in the planning and design of fairgrounds including strategic plans, master plans or facility plans.

Frequent Clients: