Cal Expo

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As part of a major renewal effort of the 350-acre Cal Expo fairgrounds site, the core area was redesigned to provide facilities accommodating both near and long-term needs.

Future plans for the core area of the fair call for selected buildings to be replaced with a covered arena, an expanded open air covered livestock area, a new warm-up ring, and a relocated stable complex. Expansive and enhanced multi-use open space areas front all of the existing and planned facilities on three sides with service from the rear. Under this scenario Cal Expo could continue to function, again much like it is today, for a number of years as the private non-fair related redevelopment activities take place on the western 120-acres of the site.

New buildings and facilities planned to either replace or augment the core area will be built along a spine that runs parallel to the existing grandstand. This "new development zone" has been planned to accommodate among other things, up to 300,000 square feet of phased exhibition space, a new 10,000 seat amphitheater, and a 10-acre "flex area" capable of being used for a relocated Raging Waters, an expanded RV park, or a new venue. Parking requirements associated with the concept plan occur in five dedicated lots on over 130 acres with the ability to accommodate more than 13,000 cars. Primary access points to the five main parking lots occur from gates along both Exhibition Boulevard at the current East Gate and Ethan Way at Hallmark Drive.