Canyon Meadows

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Canyon Meadows represents one of the last developable hillside sites in the City of Chino Hills. The 540-acre parcel consists of a series of very steep canyons on the front side of the property, some flatter plateaus just behind the primary ridgeline with ultra steep canyons and hillsides leading down to Soquel Canyon. The property also contains extensive stands of oak trees and offers long range views of the San Bernardino Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. On-site meetings were held with local environmental groups to develop a more comprehensive understanding of local issues and concerns. Meetings were also held with adjacent homeowners.

The concept for development focused upon minimizing development on the front side of the property and concentrating the more standard merchant builder program on the other side of the ridgeline outside of the public view. Residential development within the public view is basically a by-product of roadway development and is meant to emulate the existing custom estate program across Carbon Canyon Road. The merchant builder program involves mass graded pads of 10,000 and 7,200 square feet respectively. The project was ultimately sold to an individual who built a single home on it for his family.


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