Citrus Fair

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A prototypical layout was prepared for the Fair utilizing a program prepared by Fair management on a prototypical site within the community. The layout illustrates one way the Fair could be designed with an emphasis on identifying key spatial relationships and other links.

The plan involves a central core surrounded by a variety major activity nodes involving exhibition buildings, an amphitheater, a covered arena ,and livestock barns. The main entry point leads to a drop-off area providing access to the "core" plaza and attendant facilities. Parking surrounds the major Fair components of the on three sides with multiple access gates. Fully improved parking areas occur in close proximity to the core for small events and daily use. Minimally improved parking lots are planned for use by major events and the staging of larger venues such as flea markets, auto shows, and the carnival. The west (left) edge of the Fair is highly visible and enhanced through extensive landscaping providing a positive public image.