Cordova Hills

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The alternative plan illustrated how a plan could be fashioned that met the needs of both the County and project proponent.


RCH was retained by Sacramento County to prepare an alternative plan addressing a number of concerns the Planning Department had to the applicant's proposal. Foremost among those concerns was the County's need to preserve an area containing a significant number of vernal pools important to the integrity of a planned Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).

In additional to meeting the County's HCP needs, the alternative plan provided for a similar residential yield (approximately 9,500 units) to that of the project proponent, provided for additional park and recreation opportunities to meet Quimby requirements, provided for a junior high/high school site to meet District requests, provided a land use framework for the creation of a dynamic University Village and provided for better vehicular connectivity; both internally and externally with connections both north and south. The alternative plan also provided for a lower density neighborhood on the eastern edge of the project to retain the rural character of adjacent properties.


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