Madera District Fair

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The 115-acre site associated with the Madera District Fair is a County island within a highly developed portion of the City of Madera. Much of the site is underutilized and the Fair Board wanted to take a look at just how much of the land could be made available for lease to retail developers without jeopardizing the future viability of the annual event.

An analysis of the fairgrounds indicated that roughly 50-60 acres of the grounds could be leased on a long-term basis without really impeding the functionality of the fair. Alternative plans were developed that ranged in intensity from minimal to aggressive, concentrating primarily upon the level of retail exposure to both West Cleveland Blvd. and Highway 99. Plans were presented to the community during a workshop, to civic leaders and the Board.

Ultimately 35 acres of the site was leased to a national retail developer for a sub-regional shopping center with Lowe's as the anchor tenant. RCH served as the planning and design liaison for the Fair with the developer coordinating and commenting on plans prepared for the retail center. RCH also prepared plans and specifications for required Fair improvements. Phase One of the project has been constructed.