Mangini East

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Mangini East is a 170 acre residential development of 840 dwelling units and three one acre parks. The driving concept of the plan was to create a unified project with a range of product sizes through a hierarchy of streets and small neighborhood parks.

A wide street section was used to bring people and cars into the development off of the main collector street. These wide streets act as the primary entrances into the neighborhoods, terminating at the small neighborhood parks, giving a sense of a unified project. Within the project itself, cul-de-sacs were chosen as the medium of interaction with the open space, as a trail network runs through the open space and cul-de-sacs provide a pedestrian connection. The cul-de-sacs also double as drainage outlets.

The plan uses a typical block length, with slight variation, and a variety of lot sizes. The different lot sizes are broken in clusters so that the development can easily be divided or built in different phases. Within the plan itself the smaller lots were placed near the large park and school, while the larger lots were placed in the more isolated sections. While there is variety, the plan creates unity by way of street hierarchy and design elements chosen for marketability and easy modification of the plan.




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