Olinda Heights

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Olinda Heights is a new residential community located at the fringe of the Chino Hills in the City of Brea. Owned by Santa Fe Energy Resources Inc., the site represents a unique opportunity to provide a full range of housing densities in a location central to a large part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan market.

Olinda Heights is part of the original Olinda Township, established as a company oil town prior to the turn of the century. The development program seeks to maintain that heritage through the inclusion of the original jail, jackhouse, Olinda-Doheny well #1, and the main office within a historic park.

The development program for the 284-acre parcel calls for a mix of residential densities involving single-family detached lots (10,000 to 2,800 square feet), town homes, and a senior component that is planned to include congregate care. All total, 867 dwelling units have been planned for the property designed within a framework of an extensive open space network. The project is built-out.


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