Rio Del Oro

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RCH personnel were hired to redesign an approved 669-acre Tentative Map with a primary objective of increasing the overall residential yield of the plan. The project is a part of a larger Specific Plan area and had the capacity to add homes without the need for plan amendments.

The redesigned plan increased the overall residential count by roughly 265 units for a total yield of 1,566 homes. In doing so, the plan also created more marketable neighborhoods and added a more diverse single-family detached product mix that ranged in size from 60' x 120' lots to 90' x 120' lots. Schools and parks were also relocated to make them more neighborhood oriented.

The redesigned community maintained the alignments of River Oaks and Plumas Lake Boulevards and redesigned the internal street system. By keeping the major roadway alignments in place, adding local park acreage and locating a new school site within the community, the new Tentative Map was successfully processed and approved in "substantial conformance" to the previous map, minimizing entitlement related time and cost factors.


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