San Benito County Fair

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The San Benito County Fair would like to build new exhibition and show facilities to meet a growing demand for interim events, in addition to the need to replace aging buildings with modern competitive structures. As part of this effort, there was also opportunity to redefine underutilized portions of the fairgrounds, and define projects that the community could rally around and support financially through donations and sponsorship.

Board members decided to concentrate upon three strategic projects, one of which is a new 10,000 SF Events Center.

Another project involved the renewal of the most southern portion of the fairgrounds through the removal of old, under-performing buildings, and replacing them with parking (140 spaces), a new entry, and an open air pavilion planned as a multi-purpose covered open space area able to accommodate multiple, as well as larger, events under a single roof. This project also opened up this portion of the fairgrounds, making it more visually and physically accessible. The third projects involved replacing the makeshift RV/ campground in the Upper Picnic area with a modern, full service facility intended for year-round use.