UC Villages

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UC Villages is a mixed-use development situated on roughly 35 acres of semi-rolling terrain. Plans call for a vibrant mixture of retail, office, and residential land uses with a high level of connectivity, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

The "Concept Land Use Plan" includes three primary land use components; retail, office, and residential. The retail component is intended to service the day-to-day needs of students, faculty members, and other local residents with restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, general merchandise, and other types of retail establishments typical of a retail environment adjacent to a major university. A mix of more service oriented retail is also intended to occur as first floor elements in the residential component of the project.

Offices are planned to occur as both stand alone and mixed-use buildings. Office land uses are intended to be in support of expressed University needs for administrative and research space as well for businesses that either work with the University or just want to be part of the University community. Mixed-use office space will involve first floor retail activities.

The residential component of the plan is anticipated to involve rental housing in 2-4 story buildings aimed primarily to capture the needs for student housing. First floor retail at key "thematic" intersections and open space paseos with connective mini-parks will provide linkage to the rest of the development.


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