Waterslide Park

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A private development proposal for the development of a waterslide park on a vacant parcel of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. The design called to the construction of ten flumes on a man-made hill, including three main slides, two intermediate slides, one kids slide, two drop off slides, one river ride, and one ramp slide. Waterslide flumes terminated at a series of pools surrounded by sun decks and open turf areas intended for informal gatherings. Accessory structures included customer service and mechanical. The 6,000 square foot customer service building provided facilities for a concessionaire, dry storage, changing, a video arcade, ticket sales, staff, office use, and a manager's apartment.

Landscape elements were of prime importance in establishing the overall thematic character of the park. Formal tree plantings in plazas and roadways were used to define spaces and reinforce pedestrian and vehicular movement patterns. Picnic/ viewing areas ere planted in a more informal manner to provide a mixture of sun and shade. Turf was utilized as the groundcover of choice to allow unencumbered access and sunbathing opportunities. Deciduous trees were specified, where appropriate, to ensure solar access during the early and late operating season of the park.