Whisper Creek

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The Whisper Creek site sits on the rural/suburban fringe of Placer County, California and has abundant wetland features that became the basis for design. Through a thorough analysis of the site's special wetland features, the constraints of the site were created, and the negative space became the potential buildable areas.

The intent of the design was to completely avoid all wetlands, except for crossings at specifically chosen locations. The avoided wetland features offer a great natural amenity to the community by creating opportunities for filtering storm water runoff, offering opportunities for wildlife, and providing for formal walking trails within the neighborhood.

The approach of conservation also allowed for an organic layout with loosely configured groups of homes, a variety of lot sizes (12,000 SF-18,000 SF and numerous green areas. In addition, the use of single loaded streets alongside conservation areas allowed for open space view windows, creating foreground meadows throughout the development. While not all homes have direct views of open space, nearly every home has a connection with open space in some manner, and all homes are only a short walk away from a larger open space and neighborhood park.


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