1525 Alviso Street Residential Development

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RCH staff acted as senior air quality analysts for the 1525 Alviso Street project in Santa Clara, California. The project includes development of 40 residential units on two acres. RCH conducted a construction and operational air quality analysis and health risk assessment per the BAAQMD CEQA Air Quality Guidelines. The criteria pollutant emissions inventory for the project utilized CalEEMod and emission models for on-road vehicles and onsite equipment. Average daily construction emissions were determined for comparison to BAAQMD thresholds and use in a health risk assessment for existing sensitive receptors. The health risk assessment also included nearby permitted sources, State Highway 82, major roadways, and CalTrain operations using USEPA's AERMOD dispersion model. A nearby permitted source containing painting operations was analyzed using refined techniques to more precisely assess health impacts on proposed residences. Mitigation measures included BMPs for fugitive dust and tier 2 construction equipment with level 3 diesel filters. The proposed residences included a variety of green technologies and energy efficient measures, which were incorporated into the greenhouse gas analysis.