City of Belmont Hills Street Townhomes

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The proposed project includes the demolition of an existing single-family residence and the development of 16 three-story townhome buildings on approximately 1.58 acres of land. The project site is adjacent to Colonial Oaks Assisted Living to the south/southeast. Duplexes and single-family residences are adjacent to the north/northeast/east of the project site. RCH prepared an Air Quality, Greenhouse Gases and Health Risk Assessment Technical Report and a Noise Technical Report for the proposed project. Air quality mitigation measures were implemented to reduce health impacts on sensitive receptors during construction to a less-than-significant level. Noise mitigation measures were implemented to reduce temporary noise impacts from construction and permanent noise impacts from operation of HVAC systems on nearby sensitive receptors to a less-than-significant level. Project consistency with the City of Belmont's recently adopted Climate Action Plan and State plans adopted for reducing greenhouse gases was analyzed.