California Public Utilities Commission Fulton-Fitch Mountain Reconductoring

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The project proposes to reinforce the electric system in Sonoma County by replacing the existing wires on a 9.9 mile, single-circuit power line between Fulton and Healdsburg. RCH is providing project management and technical review of the air quality, greenhouse gases, and noise analysis including review of the Proponent's Environmental Assessment, identifying deficiencies, revising, if necessary, the baseline assessment and project impact analysis, assessing the effectiveness of proposed measures in reducing impacts, providing CEQA/NEPA document presentation, and public meeting support. RCH is assisting with the short-term and long term noise measurement studies to evaluate the impacts on nearby sensitive receptors and the development of a Noise Control Plan to identify appropriate mitigation measures to avoid or reduce adverse noise impacts. The air quality assessment is presenting the calculation of construction emissions, comparison to significance thresholds and an assessment of ambient air quality impacts on sensitive receptors.