Cypress Point Affordable Housing Project

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RCH staff prepared the Energy Technical Report for the proposed Cypress Point Affordable Housing Project, proposed by MidPen Housing Corporation. The proposed project would construct a 71-unit affordable housing community on an 11-acre parcel in Moss Beach, California. The proposed project would require an amendment to San Mateo County's Zoning Regulations and to the San Mateo Local Coastal Plan Land Use Map, which requires approval from the Coastal Commission before the County can act upon the project request for a Coast Development Permit. The Energy Technical Report addressed the proposed project's (construction and operation) energy consumption, usage, and conservation as per Public Resources Code Section 21100(b)(3), Appendix F, and Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines. The Energy Technical Report analyzed if the proposed project would result in wasteful, inefficient, or unnecessary consumption of energy resources and also detailed energy conservation features proposed by the project.