Glenn County Solid Waste Conversion Facility EIR

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RCH Group is currently managing the Glenn County Solid Waste Conversion Facility (GCSWCF) project EIR. The project site is in unincorporated Glenn County, approximately three miles west of Hamilton City and five miles east of Orland. The project would include the construction and operation of a municipal solid waste (MSW) materials recovery facility (MRF) and anaerobic digestion (AD) facility.

The Glenn County Landfill is nearing capacity and is scheduled for closure in December 2016. The project is intended to provide a replacement solid waste management system for Glenn County and is proposed to include incoming MSW from the City of Chico, helping with waste diversion goals. The combined waste streams of Glenn County and Chico would average up to 400 tons per day (based on 5 days per week) and peak incoming materials could reach 500 tons per day. The project EIR is currently being prepared.