Lake Chabot Campus Modernization Project

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RCH staff acted as senior air quality and noise analysts for Lake Chabot Campus Modernization in Castro Valley, California. The project includes development of a new public safety headquarters, new service yard buildings, new shop building, parking lots, water pipelines and associated facilities, and trail relocation. The air quality analysis utilized CalEEMod and the Roadway Construction Emissions Model to estimate criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. Average daily construction emissions and annual average construction emissions were determined for comparison to BAAQMD thresholds and use in a health risk assessment for existing and future sensitive receptors. The noise analysis included two long-term noise measurements (72 hours) and two short-term noise measurements at the project site. Project construction noise levels at nearby sensitive receptors were estimated and the project was reviewed for consistency with the Alameda County Noise Ordinance. All impacts were determined to be less than significant with mitigation incorporated.