Olive Pit Mining and Reclamation Project EIR

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The project is located in the City of Irwindale, in Los Angeles County. In partnership with the City of Irwindale, the project applicant, United Rock Products will resume mining operations at the Olive Pit Mine.

RCH staff acted as senior air quality and noise analysts for the EIR. The noise analysis included noise measurements of existing noise in the project vicinity as well as estimated noise levels resulting from the mining and reclamation of the project. RCH also modeled estimated noise levels of traffic generated by the project. The air quality analysis included estimations of emissions from mining and reclamation of the project as well as a health risk assessment of project emissions (primarily diesel truck emissions). Environmental impacts were compared to the SCAQMD thresholds and guidelines. Appropriate mitigation measures were developed to reduce noise impacts, diesel particulate matter emissions and fugitive dust emissions from onsite equipment, and NOx emissions from haul trucks. The City of Irwindale certified the Final EIR in December 2014.