Osgood Heights Project

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RCH staff acted as air quality analysts for the Osgood Heights Project in Fremont, California. The project includes development of approximately 190 multi-family rental apartment units, built on approximately 2.7 acres of land. The proposed project contains a six-story podium building with two stories of parking and four stories of residential units and includes a 0.30 acres urban farming area. The emissions inventory utilized CalEEMod and emission models for on-road vehicles and onsite equipment. Average daily and annual construction emissions were compared to BAAQMD thresholds and used in a health risk assessment for existing and future sensitive receptors. The health risk assessment also included nearby permitted sources, Interstate 680, and rail operations using USEPA's AERMOD dispersion model. Mitigation measures to reduce impacts to a less-than-significant level included implementation of enhanced construction equipment exhaust emissions reduction measures, transit accessibility, and solar panels for electrical demand in common areas.