Rocklin Sunset & Pacific Residential

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RCH staff acted as air quality and noise analysts for the Rocklin Sunset & Pacific Residential Project. The project includes approximately 204 multi-family apartment units, built on approximately 8.2 acres. Construction and operational emissions were compared to Placer County Air District (PCAPCD) significance thresholds. Mitigation measures to reduce impacts to a less-than-significant level included implementation of fugitive dust reduction measures and contribution to the PCAPCD Offsite Air Quality Mitigation Fund to mitigate cumulative air quality impacts. The noise analysis addressed the potential noise and vibration impacts of the demolition of the existing Kmart building and construction and operation of the proposed residential units. Several short-term noise measurements in the project area were conducted to describe existing levels at the project site and at nearby sensitive receptors. Long-term measurements were also conducted to quantify existing 24-hour background noise levels. Existing and future traffic noise impacts were estimated using the Federal Highway Administration Traffic Noise Model.