City of Sacramento Fruitridge Shopping Center Project

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The proposed project would demolish three buildings and a coffee kiosk, and would also include various parking lot, landscaping and frontage improvements. The redeveloped shopping center would include a new Starbucks with drive-thru, CVS Pharmacy with drive-thru, multi-tenant commercial building (retail, office and restaurant), and a relocated coffee kiosk with drive-thru. RCH prepared the Initial Study in-house and utilized the findings of the City of Sacramento's consultants for analyzing historic resources and traffic impacts. Demolition and construction activities were analyzed for potential air quality and noise impacts to sensitive receptors. Demolition and construction activities were also analyzed for potential exposures of contaminated soil, asbestos-containing materials, and contaminated groundwater to people. Operation of the proposed project would result in the reduction of over three million VMT per year and would reduce energy use due to the reduction in building square footage at the site and the replacement of old buildings.