San Francisco General Hospital Research Building

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The SFGH project is expected to include construction of a five-story research building (approximately 175,000 square feet) on two acres. The project would include construction activities and operational emissions from motor vehicles, an emergency generator, and fume hoods. The SFGH project would also include an expansion of the existing SFGH parking garage. Construction related (motor vehicles, haul trucks, and equipment) emissions were based upon the duration, work area footprint, and equipment needs anticipated for the project combined with CalEEMod. Operational emissions associated with the emergency generator and fume hoods were based on guidance from USEPA, CARB, and BAAQMD. The health risk assessment (HRA) wad conducted following methodologies in OEHHA's Air Toxics Hot Spots Program Guidance Manual for Preparation of HRAs. A screening analysis was conducted on the full chemical inventory (over 400 compounds) for the fume hoods accounting for the amount of chemical and its toxicity. Approximately ten compounds were then analyzed within a full HRA.