The RCH Group Team

Jeffrey Pemstein

Principal Consultant

Jeff is a real-estate industry leader with over 30 years of professional experience in land acquisition, entitlements, development, and construction. Jeff oversees all aspects of management within RCH Group, with emphasis on land use and financial analysis.

Jeff is an expert in developing highest and best use programs, providing strategic application related to local market conditions. He has managed and prepared a range of special studies and projects including development agreements, comprehensive development codes, zoning code amendments, variances and updates, planned unit developments, tentative maps, final maps, annexations, housing, watershed studies, and flood control/levee assessments.

In addition to his role at RCH, Jeff is the Sacramento Division President of Homes by Towne, a national homebuilding firm and sister company of RCH Group. He is past Chairman of both the California Building Industry Association and the North State Building Industry Association, and continues to serve in various leadership positions within the National Association of Home Builders.

Jeff has an Master's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Cornell University, and Bachelor's Degrees in Urban Economics and Sociology from Occidental College.

Paul Miller

Managing Principal

Paul is an environmental professional with over 25 years of experience in providing services and products to government agencies and private sector corporations. His technical areas of expertise include energy, integrated waste management, air quality and noise analyses. Since 1986, Paul has applied his broad range of environmental skills to CEQA and NEPA documents, and has been integral in preparing over 500 CEQA and NEPA reports, including project management for more than 19 major EIRs. Paul has been managing the Environmental Team at RCH since 2012.

Paul holds a Master's Degree in Zoology and Entomology from Colorado State University and a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology from Miami University.

Laura Zuckerman

Planner / Project Manager

Laura is a Project Manager that has over 10 years of professional experience in acquisition of entitlements, feasibility, land use, and housing. She brings a strong understanding of land use issues and environmental regulations to permitting and development. Her additional professional experiences include working in the public sector of various planning departments. Her experience includes processing development applications, conducting policy studies, and engaging stakeholders on project and policy issues.

Laura holds a Master's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from San Jose State University and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from San Diego State University.

Michael Ratte

Air Quality Scientist

Mike has been a practicing air quality specialist within the consulting business for over 25 years. Mike's technical expertise includes CEQA/NEPA environmental planning, air emissions inventories, atmospheric dispersion modeling, health risk assessments, and climate change analyses. His recent projects have involved transportation (airports, roadways, and marine ports), land development (residential/commercial/institutional), landfills/composting, and mining/quarry operations. He is well versed in a wide array of air emission models including, AEDT, EMFAC, MOVES, OFFROAD, NONROAD, and CalEEMod and dispersion models such as AERMOD and CAL3QHC.

Mike holds a Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology from Lyndon State College in Vermont.

Dan Jones


Dan's technical experience includes CEQA/NEPA environmental planning, air quality, health risk assessment, greenhouse gas emissions/climate change, noise, and waste management. His expertise is the preparation of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and noise technical analyses. His work involves noise monitoring and modeling. He is proficient in a variety of air emissions models including CalEEMod, EMFAC, OFFROAD, and the Road Construction Emissions Model.

Dan graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning from the University of California at Davis.

Luis Rosas

Environmental Associate

Luis's work at RCH involves different projects in California. He has technical experience in environmental monitoring, renewable energy technology, data management, quantitative analysis, and noise. His technical experience with noise includes handsā€on noise monitoring fieldwork. He also has experience conducting laboratory research and endangered species surveys and monitoring.

Luis graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies from California State University, Sacramento.

Bob Johnson, AICP, ASLA

Bob has over 30 years of experience as a planner and urban designer of cities, master-planned communities, resorts, fairs, and entertainment based projects. Bob is semi-retired.

Bob has an Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Planning from the University of California at Davis.

The RCH Group Affiliate Project Partners

Dr. Jeff Harvey

Senior Environmental Scientist

Jeff is an environmental professional with over 30 years of experience as a consultant in environmental planning and reporting pursuant to requirements of CEQA and NEPA. Reports have been prepared for local, state, and federal government agencies, and private developers. Special emphasis has been placed on active coordination with agency staff and government decision-makers, effective public involvement and public testimony, and development of economically sound mitigation strategies. Dr. Harvey has organized and managed the preparation of more than 300 environmental impact reports and environmental assessments, and special resource analyses for a variety of projects including power generation, electric transmission, water resources, land development, public infrastructure, resource management, and mining and mine reclamation.

Jeff has been working with the Environmental Team at RCH since 2012 on project for solid waste recycling facilities, aggregate mining, air monitoring and general land development proposals.

Jeff holds a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of California, Los Angeles, specializing in environmental law and policy, hydrology and water resources, and natural resources management. He also holds Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Geography from California State University, Chico, specializing in physical geography and impact assessment.